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Who are we?

Our company, which has the "A Group Travel Agency Operation Certificate" from the Ministry of Tourism, was established in 1992 and has independent departments and a total of 135 staff and all kinds of meeting organizations, dealers meetings, services that foreign guests coming from abroad will receive in our country, tours and air ticket sales services.

In the tourism sector, are you serving only in the transfer segment?

No, our company has been serving continuously in all sub segments of tourism sector for 26 years as Plaza MICE, DMC, Creative, Insurance, Visa, Academy and Transfer.

Are there limitations in your service area?

No, as a Plaza Tur, we serve all our vehicles belonging to our company, especially in the Marmara region in Turkey.

Does your company have any quality standards?

ISO 9001:2000 Document

T.C. Ministry of Transportation "D2" Intercity Transportation Authorization Certificate

Is your company a member of any organization?

Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB)

SKAL International

A Member of Turkey Quality Association

American Travel Agents Association

ICVB - Istanbul Congress and Visitors Bureau,


Istanbul Ferryboats Authorized Sales Agency,

Authorized Sales Agent of Sixt Rent a Car

Authorized Axa Oyak Insurance Agency.

Are you a company with a document in transportation sector?

Our company has all the qualification documents required by our activities, especially the D2 transport document on tourism transport.

What is scheduled and nonscheduled transfer?

Scheduled Transfer: We can define passenger shipments made in a regular period, with at least one predefined transport line and transport route, and with a time and charge tariff.

Nonscheduled Transfers: We can define passengers as a group of passengers carried out by shuttle service, according to the group passenger status, without a time and fee schedule with a transportation line and transportation route in advance.

Which transport types are suitable for D1, D2, D3 and D4 documents?

Type D authorization certificate: issued to real and legal persons who will carry domestic passenger. In the scope of the D type authorization certificate, they have organized the domestic buses. According to the shape of the carriage, the following types are distinguished:

  1. a) Scheduled intercity commercial passenger transport activities under the Dl authorization document,
  2. b) Domestic commercial passenger transport activities without tariff under the title D2,
  3. c) Under the heading of D3 authorization document, only passengers shall be transported to carry the personnel related to their main occupation subject in the country, and for transportation purposes,

d) Under the heading D4 of authority, intercity and commercial passenger transport activities, regardless of distance and distance, up to 100 kilometers on a scheduled and non-scheduled basis, have been organized separately.

What kind of vehicles do your company using?

All of our vehicles are equipped with special equipment and extra comfort, and in accordance with corporate organizations, all of our vehicles are black and do not contain the advertising logo of our company. My tools can be dressed in the direction of the requests.

How long have you been serving in transportation?

Our company has been serving in corporate travel and transportation since 1992.

How do you track your drivers' training and working hours?

All of our drivers are being followed simultaneously during the day from our headquarters. All our driver trainings are given periodically in our general headquarter.

All of our vehicles can be dressed in accordance with the demands of our customers.

What is the procedure in case of an accident that may occur during transfer?

In the event of an accident, all of the companies that have D type certificate of authority are under the scope of "Mandatory Road Transportation Financial Liability Insurance" and "Road Passenger Mandatory Seat Personal Accident Insurance" in order to meet the responsibilities arising from the law and regulations according to Article 64 of the Regulation.

What is the fastest way of reservation?

If you fill out the "Online Reservation Form" on our website, our headquarter will return to you simultaneously. If you wish, you can get support by calling 444 58 58 at our call center.

Is the VIP transfer service charge based on people or vehicle-based?

All pricing plans are based on the vehicle.

How many days before the transfer do i have to make my reservation?

You must reserve your vehicle at least 4 hours in advance to avoid any lapses that may occur and to reduce the worst.

Will i pay an additional fee after i make my reservation?

No, you will not have to pay any extra fees on the price you have seen on the system.

Am I going to make the payment in advance?

Payments will be made before the transfer and this coverage can be changed with special agreements with the institutions

Can i pay by credit card?

Yes, you can use your credit card to pay for all your bank-integrated infrastructure and payments.

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